Life aboard our boat…..

I am really looking forward to life without television.  No more arguments about it being on, for how long, whose turn to choose the program, and the attitudes after it goes off….Yippee!! Going to the cinema will become a special treat as well watching a DVD.  Ahhh!

Some other things occupying my thoughts… already the children  are very involved in most things that we do and decide, and this is likely going to increase.  How we find the balance between four people aboard a boat AND it actually being 2 parents and 2 children.

I wonder what the food will be like, how we will store our supplies.  Will I really convert to things like powdered milk or will we indeed live off the land and out of the sea most of the time.  Sourcing what is available and storable at any given time.

Very soon the questions will start to be answered..OMG we are really going! x Rachel

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