A Caribbean Christmas and New Year

In Bequia, as originally planned.

When we set out on our journey, Bequia was the recommendation for the holidays, both in the guidebook and from our friends in the UK (Alexander has told everyone he’s met about his best friend’s Grandad being the one to recommend Mac’s Pizzeria and Bequia for Christmas!). Once our journey commenced however, we thought we’d be well north of Bequia by the end of December….as the winds would have it though…

Christmas Eve was somehow the usual last minute rush, though in reality the pace was still fairly island like, and well, there is only so much available (no running to 4 different supermarkets looking for fresh cranberries or that last Lindt Reindeer!). We enjoyed the evening Norwegian style, with our new friends from Alfard and Enata. There was wonderful food, delicious mojitos (ok so norwegian caribbean 😉 and entertainment from Lakkii and Hildegunn (of Enata).

Christmas Day began with two very excited boys (and two very tired parents) as Santa had found them! Their stockings were overflowing and presents filled the saloon. As is tradition, they upended their stockings on our bed and started their race of unwrapping…look what I got, did you get one too….through squeals of delight. The computer and internet both behaved for the most part thankfully and we were able to speak to both sets of Grandparents and Aunty Melly (we think a tiddly Uncle Darren may have also been at the other end ;)…The saloon quickly became a picture resembling Santa’s wrapping workshop, and well, our living room of many years past. I thought it all very interesting that it really doesn’t matter where you are or how you are living, some things just have to be the same, or is it that they are the same.
Later in the day, around 3pm cruisers time, it was off to the beach with a brimming dingy…bbq, bucket (for the fresh lobster), food & drinks, noodles, boogie boards….for Christmas Lunner ( our new name for the pm version of brunch). Again this celebration was shared with our Norwegian friends and the crew from Kamaloha. It was a wonderful and memorable way to spend Christmas lunch. We completed the day with a moonlit walk along the beach.

Boxing Day saw us a little frantic again as our cooking gas emptied and the winds looked good for heading North. We spent a good part of the day umming and ahhing about whether to go or be in Bequia for at least another week. The outcome was the latter as we eventually decided that our new philosophy aboard Orchid was let’s move ‘when we’re ready and the weather window presents’ rather than the other way around. This meant saying farewell to 2010 in Bequia also.

New Year’s Eve had us back aboard Enata, together with the crew from Alfard, sharing more food, drinks and celebrations. Lakki lavished us with ……….lobster, Hildegunn spoiled us with Maranne’s homemade icecream, Ingunn and Hansjergan prepared a mouthwatering (to Matthew) pork dish and we popped the cork on the bubbles (added to freshly prepared Sorrel juice) to open 2011. Alexander followed suit, popping cork on his bottle of ‘boys champagne’ to share with Emil, Selma, Mayni and his brother (try as we did though, sleep was this boy’s agenda this night). At midnight, fireworks lit the sky, among parachute flares (a tradition in the bay is to fire out of date flares) fired from boats in the bay. It was spectacular.

During all these celebrations, my mind was cast to many happy memories of years past. I struggled to believe, that a year had passed since we danced and sang the night away to lips with Verna last new year’s eve, and 10 years have passed since we saw in the new millennium in Petrie Terrace with Ant, Megan and Naomi. I can honestly say, my how things have changed. Some things however remain the same. Still we continue to find special people to fill our hearts and memories, and share our journey. I hope you know who you are and look forward to sharing many more special times with you all.

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