We gotta get out o’ this place…if it’s the last thing we ever do!

Well, of course it won’t be the last thing we ever do… the boat is well equipped: bottom cleanP1110289 P1110297 , rigging checked,

liferaft servicedP1110384 , grab bag packed and we seem to have spent a fortune ‘preparing’ … but how do we actually escape St Martin. The ‘weather window’ is not yet present and already we have spent almost one quarter of our 9month (thus far) adventure here on this Island, and it’s not our favourite…this isn’t living the dream.

Preparations are going well though. I have made several ‘provisioning’ trips to various stores . Just the vegetable market, unrefrigerated eggs and a few refrigerated fresh items to still be sought. The trickiest part is finding appropriate homes for all thisP5060092. Will I be able to find the green curry paste the night curry is on the menu plan?

Other than all the ‘jobs’ in St Martin, there has been time for fun . We have reacquainted with our friends aboard Alfard, P5060091 happy days for the Orchid crew…Girl time for me and playtime for all 3 boys. There are weekly activities for the boys, thanks to the Cruising Kids Club – they have enjoyed snorkeling, dingy sailing, knots & splicing class. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         We ‘popped’ South to Antigua for Classic Race Week where we caught up with special friends Beach House , MoeraeP1110563 and Sula, celebrated an early 10th Birthday for Alexander with 10 friends, and spent Easter Weekend chilling out in an isolated bay with new friends Bliss & Eclipse. Saw Carnival with Gem. And we were able to spend a very special couple of weeks with Jim and Wendy.

It’s been a busy couple of months…all good really. Now it’s time to ‘average down’ on the spending though and take to the solitude of the seas.

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