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Indian Summer

Just when I thought we’d have to spend our last weeks hidden down below from storms and cold winds, the sun reappeared to give us a final reminder of why we love this lifestyle so much. After enduring a week … Continue reading

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End of the Endless Summer

This weekend I’ve had to buy my first pair of trousers in over a year – a clear sign that we’ve left the Caribbean! The seasons are definitely changing here in Italy.  Gone are the long sunny days without wind … Continue reading

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Cinque Terre from the view of Nick

Cinque Terre is Italian for Five Lands.  We managed to visit all of them in one week.  My favourites were Monterosso and Manaorola. The first place we anchored was Manarola.  We stayed there for 2 nights.  On the second day, … Continue reading

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Embarrassment in Cinque Terre by Alexander

Cinque Terre is a wonderful place if you want to escape from big cities and go to little towns.  Bring your bathers the water is wonderful and don’t forgot your hiking shoes plus your hiking clothes. One of the hikes … Continue reading

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Life aboard – a second year

    Some days, it’s all truly amazing – exquisite location, gorgeous weather, happy children and a contented husband.Other days, it’s just like life would be anywhere, anyhow_food to prepare, chores, homework.Then, there are the days which are, well, bothersome_everything is … Continue reading

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Cinque Terre in Cinque Giorni

A slight diversion from ‘the plan’, we turned north out of Viareggio instead of south and went to see for ourselves this place that people kept insisting we see. “You really must visit the Cinque Terre”, they would say, “It’s … Continue reading

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A week in Tuscany – Pisa & Firenze

I have longed for many years to visit the famed ‘Toscana’ region of Italy. This week, I am here! And feeling fulfilled. After pulling into the River Arno, leading to Pisa, dodging overhanging fishing nets and trudging though sludgy water, … Continue reading

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