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Impromptu Parties are Best

It’s late in the evening – the sky is clear and we can even see the southern Cross peaking above the horizon.  We’ve just dropped off the last of our guests who popped over for sundowners in our new anchorage … Continue reading

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Night Passage to Antigua

Having had a pretty eventful trip to St Barts, we were pleased to see the weather was nothing but blue skies and sunshine for the 86 mile trip to Antigua.  The downside though – there was very little wind (9kts) … Continue reading

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The Life of Nelson

Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, English Harbour was Nelson’s main base in the Caribbean when he was young.  In one part of the dockyard, they have the capstans from the ships that are used to haul up the anchors.  To one … Continue reading

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The Jester Club House

A couple of days ago all the kids anchored in the bay in English Harbour made a club up in the Nelson’s Fort forest.  There were 5 other kids, their names are OSCA, JABEZ,  ANILIZA, JACK AND KAYMAN. We stayed … Continue reading

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Anchoring Etiquette Part 2 – We’ve Been Attacked!

Further to the conspiracy to scuttle all foreign vessels and regain naval supremacy, we’ve this morning been attached ourselves! After spending the last 2 months in French waters, pillaging every patisserie known, the intrepid Orchid crew decided it was time … Continue reading

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Our First Humpback Whale

On the sail to Antigua today, we saw our first Humpback Whale of the trip and it was amazing! Rachel was the first to spot it, thinking at first that there was shallow water ahead but when it was about … Continue reading

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