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Cinque Terre from the view of Nick

Cinque Terre is Italian for Five Lands.  We managed to visit all of them in one week.  My favourites were Monterosso and Manaorola. The first place we anchored was Manarola.  We stayed there for 2 nights.  On the second day, … Continue reading

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Embarrassment in Cinque Terre by Alexander

Cinque Terre is a wonderful place if you want to escape from big cities and go to little towns.  Bring your bathers the water is wonderful and don’t forgot your hiking shoes plus your hiking clothes. One of the hikes … Continue reading

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The Life of Nelson

Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, English Harbour was Nelson’s main base in the Caribbean when he was young.  In one part of the dockyard, they have the capstans from the ships that are used to haul up the anchors.  To one … Continue reading

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The Jester Club House

A couple of days ago all the kids anchored in the bay in English Harbour made a club up in the Nelson’s Fort forest.  There were 5 other kids, their names are OSCA, JABEZ,  ANILIZA, JACK AND KAYMAN. We stayed … Continue reading

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So what’s it really like: Schooling

In the months leading up to our departure there were a ton of questions (ours and other’s) on what it would be like.  They kind of went something like this (in order of frequency): What about school? What about socialisation … Continue reading

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Yr 5 on the boat [Alexander]

School on the boat will be very easy because I only have to do six subjects .. Maths,English, Chemistry, Science ,Geography, Art and D.T.  I am really looking forward to doing Chemistry Science. Books I have had to Buy The … Continue reading

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